“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face…Do the thing you think you cannot do.”– Eleanor Roosevelt

I’m finally here! I have spent so much time in my life wishing I was somewhere else, wishing I was someone else, wishing and wanting a different life. Wishing for that “someday”. It’s not unusual. This is true for so many people. So many of us are lost or stuck by the traditions and restrictions of our society. We don’t have to fit into a square box – we can do the things that we dream of doing. I’m finally here! Finally right where I want to be, doing the exact things that I want to do, in the present.  I realized that I should stop waiting for it… and now “someday” is today – it’s everyday.


“Lets talk about mountains”

So how did I get to this magical place of “someday”? Mountains! They’re the answer to everything. I finally got to the top of the mountain I’ve been climbing for soooo many years – I’ve summited and I have never felt more accomplished. Mountains are big and beautiful, they’re wild, relentless, and can be unforgiving.  I have never felt more alive then when standing on top of a big mountain, and I feel even better when it was super challenging to get to the top. I spend a lot of time in mountains, we live in a place surrounded by them and most of our adventures involve them so this blog by default is going to just have a lot of mountains – the physical ones… and the literal ones.  I wouldn’t call myself a writer, but I feel that sharing and being transparent about the things we do in our lives is important. Being honest always opens up avenues for other people to share, to connect, and to perhaps feel less alone, and maybe just get inspired. So lets talk about them, lets talk about all the mountains..